Capture Screen, WebCam, Audio, Cursor, Mouse Clicks and Keystrokes

Works on Windows. Requires .NET 4.7.2.

(c) Mathew Sachin. MIT License.

Captura is no longer maintained.

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Captura is 100% free. You don't need to spend a penny.

You can support by donating or just starring the repository.


Source-code for Captura is available on GitHub under the terms of the MIT license.

No Ads

The app is completely ad-free.

Multiple Languages

Available in over 30 languages. Very simple to translate.

System Tray

Captura can run unobtrusively remaining minimized to the System Tray.

Command-line Usage

Hello developers! Captura can be used from your terminal. Only for Portable builds.


Take ScreenShots and control recordings from the keyboard even when Captura is in System Tray using Configurable Hotkeys.

Input/Output Audio Mixing

Captura can do the much demanded task of mixing Microphone input audio and Speaker output audio.

Clicks and Keystrokes

Mouse Clicks and Keystrokes can be shown in the recordings. Options are present for customization.


Captura can capture specific regions using the Region Selector.

It can even Snap to windows.


You can include WebCam view in your recordings. Perfect for making tutorials.

Game Recording

DirectX Fullscreen games can be recorded using Desktop Duplication API. Needs to be supported by the game and the graphic card.