Hacking the Chrome Dino Game

05 Nov 2016   -   1 min read

Google Chrome includes an endless runner Dinosaur game which appears in the absense of internet connection.

If you are unable to get the No Internet page, open a new tab and type chrome://dino and press enter.


  • Space Bar / Up: Jump (also to start the game)
  • Down: Duck (pterodactyls appear after 450 points)
  • Alt: Pause
  • The game enters a black background mode after every multiple of 700 points for the next 100 points.

Chrome Dino

Open Chrome Console

  • Make sure you are on the No Internet Connection page.
  • Right click anywhere on the page and select Inspect.
  • Go to Console tab. This is where we will enter the commands to tweak the game.

Tweaking Speed

Type the following command in Console and press enter. You can use any other speed in place of 1000.



  • After every command press enter.

  • We store the original game over function in a variable:
    var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver
  • Then, we make the game over function empty:
    Runner.prototype.gameOver = function(){}

Stopping the game after using Immortality

When you want to stop the game, Revert back to the original game over function:

Runner.prototype.gameOver = original

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