How my app was translated to almost 20 languages in just 15 days

28 Nov 2017   -   1 min read

20 languages! 15 days! I didn’t do it myself.

The app we are talking about here is Captura. It is a screen capture tool with support for recording screen along with audio, webcam, clicks and keystrokes.

It was thanks to Hacktoberfest, my app got quite an overwhelming contribution of translations.

Now, you might be thinking: What is hacktoberfest anyway?

Hacktoberfest is a month-long (October) festival of code organized by DigitalOcean and GitHub. To participate, simply open a pull request and contribute to any open source project. And if you open 4 pull-requests, you get a cool T-shirt for free!

All I had to do was to add a hacktoberfest label to a new issue I created for Translation. And, in a few minutes came the first contribution followed by a lot more. It was great seeing my project gaining recognition and being contributed to.

Hacktoberfest was just awesome!
Make sure to look out for help the next one!
See you there.
And, Thanks to all who contributed.

The issue for reference: #108.

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